Proposed VSB Policy


In 2004, the Vancouver School Board approved a policy to protect LGBTTQ students, staff and families from harassment and discrimination. This was a positive step, but didn’t provide specific guidelines around how to accommodate the unique needs of trans* and gender non-conforming students in school. Click here to view the 2004 policy.

In April 2014, the Vancouver School Board proposed amendments to its Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities policy to enhance the safety and inclusion of students with diverse gender identities.

The Vancouver School Board created a Frequently Asked Questions document about the proposed policy, which is available in English and Chinese.

The Vancouver School Board formally adopted the policy on Monday June 16, 2014. Find out why this kind of policy is needed in school districts across British Columbia here. Then click here to find out what you can do to better protect trans* and gender non-conforming students in your school district.